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Title Sony DCR-VX9000 DV Camera
Posted by dlpulim (ip:)
  • Date 2012-04-03
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1. Brand : Sony

2. Model : DCR-VX9000

3. Price : Php16900

4. Contact : 02-738-2844 02-468-6657


Sony DCR-VX9000 DV Camcorder

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The Digital Video Camcorder for the Professional!

3 CCD Camera System
The DCR-VX9000 incorporates the same advanced 3-CCD camera system found in all professional broadcast-quality camera/recorders. This professional system employs a prism which separates light into its three component colours (red green and blue). Once separated each component is processed by a 470000 pixel (PAL) CCD which outputs a single-colour picture signal to Digital Signal Processing. This process enables the DCR-VX9000 to capture subtle colour information for vivid colour reproduction during playback.
Super Optical Steady Shot
Super Optical Steady Shot For vastly sharper video results the Super Optical Steady Shot system eliminates the blurred picture that can result from hands shaking during recording. Super Optical Steady Shot can correct even high frequency camera shaking with no image degradation.
Photo Mode Recording
Photo Mode Recording The DCR-VX9000 utilizes Clear frame Technology to produce a non-shaking image when recording with photo mode. The photo mode recording time of 7 seconds is sufficient for output to a colour video printer like Sony's CVP-M1 Colour Video Printer (sold separately) whose high resolution still prints rival standard silver halide photographs.
1-inch High Resolution Monochrome Viewfinder
The DCR-VX9000's viewfinder relays a wealth of valuable information so you can keep your eye on the scene at all times. Time code zoom position NZ filter position and more are all displayed for ready reference. In addition a new eyecup with soft sponge pad and bellows construction allows you freedom of movement while providing a tight seal. The entire eyepiece is detachable for direct monitoring of the viewfinder screen.
20x Digital Zoom (10x Optical)
Powerful as well as versatile the DCR-VX9000 gives you up to 20x digital zoom magnification (up to 10x optical). To ensure the best professional results the DCR-VX9000 is equipped with a large diameter 10x power zoom lens with a quick 1.7 seconds zoom speed for capturing a moment.
High-Quality Design
Like many professional video cameras the DCR-VX9000 comes with a die-cast magnesium main frame and mecha-deck side cabinet. This durable and lightweight solid frame will stand up to the most rigorous use conditions while the adjustable grip on the side of the camera body allows for easy maneuvering in any position. For added relief the DCR-VX9000's shoulder pad has been designed to provide you with the utmost in balance and comfort. We've designed the pad to slide forward and back allowing you to find just the right fit.
Digital Video Cassette
Long Recording Time in a Compact Size The benefits of the digital VCR are reflected as well in DV media. The standard DV tape cassette packs an exceptionally long recording time (180 min) into a very compact size (W x D x H only 125 x 78 x 14.6mm).
Professional Manual Control
Although the DCR-VX9000 is fully automated experienced professionals will appreciate the high degree of artistic control that the camcorder gives them. Use the manual control to adjust aperture shutter speed white balance and built-in ND Filter for just the right effect whatever the ambient conditions. And for keeping your subject in sharp focus the manual focus ring allows very precise control.
Overlap Fading
The Overlap Fader function allows you to mix the tail of the previous scene with the head of the next for a professional-looking scene transition. For transitions between video stills and moving pictures Clear frame technology assures you of high quality images.
PCM Digital Sound/Audio Dubbing
All sound is also digitally encoded so your video sounds as good as it looks. Choose from two recording and playback modes: dual 12-bit stereo channels for sterling quality sound. The audio dubbing function lets you add a separate 12-bit / 32kHz stereo soundtrack for polished video results.
DV IN/OUT Terminal
For maximizing the potential uses of digital video the DCR-VX9000 comes equipped with a DV IN / OUT Terminal. From the terminal video and audio signals can be digitally transferred via one cable allowing digital dubbing and editing with minimal picture quality degradation. Conforming with IEEE 1394 serial bus standard the terminal also lets you transfer high resolution digital images directly from the camcorder to a personal computer. This simple one cable hook-up makes transferring and editing video images for professional-quality applications a snap.
Photo Mode Recording with Clear frame Technology
Capture photo-quality still images along with 7 seconds of sound for TV playback or still image printing.
Wide Mode Recording
The wide 16:9 format is perfect for panoramic views and theatre-style playback.
Cassette Memory
Digital video cassettes store tape width type and grade information as well as holding recording data such as Record Date Photo Date and Time Search.
Time Code / Data Code
Recording data such as date length and time are automatically encoded for easy location of desired selections.

The Benefits of Digital Video Format

High Resolution
Digital video offers horizontal resolution of more than 500 lines delivering the best picture quality of any consumer VCR on the market. This ensures much clearer images than the 400-line horizontal resolution of Hi8 analog video.
Reduced Colour Blur
The digital video colour bandwidth holds six times (PAL) & three times (NTSC) as much information as the conventional analog recording format. This guarantees clearer colour reproduction and sharper subject edges since colour shift is significantly reduced.
Minimal Jitter
Jitter is the term applied to the horizontal shaking of an image caused by fluctuations in the rotation speed of the tape drum head. The Time base Corrector (TBC) system reduces jitter by virtually eliminating the effects of internal equipment fluctuation. Signals are reproduced accurately providing more stable video images
PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) Digital Sound
Digital video offers two audio recording / playback modes for superior sound quality of a CD or DAT while dual 12-bit stereo channels are ideal for audio editing.
Full Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Digital Signal Processing achieves a high signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio by digitizing all signal processing and recording functions. Error Correction restores lost data or other errors to the original data assuring you of stable playback and reliable picture quality.
Advanced Editing Features
Digital-to-digital connection via the DV IN / OUT terminal allows tape-to-tape editing with negligible deterioration in image quality. All data (including index codes and dubbed audio) can be transmitted using a single DV cable allowing easy connection of editing equipment.
Advanced Recording Tape
Advanced ME (metal Evaporated) tape is used for Digital Video. It allows high-density recording while providing
excellent durability.

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DV System


Standard DV Cassette

Video Recording System

Digital Component Recording

Video Sampling Frequency/

Luminance Signal: 13.5 MHz 8-Bit R-Y or B-Y Signal: 6.75 MHz 8-bit

Audio Recording System

PCM Digital Recording

PCM Digital Stereo Rec

12-Bit/32 kHz/16-Bit 48kHz

PCM Stereo Playback

12-Bit Mode/16-Bit Mode

Audio After Recording

12-Bit 32kHz Mode


Variable Speed 10x Zoom Lens F 16 f=5.9 to 59mm

Digital Zoom

Variable 20x


1/3" CCD: 470000 Pixels x 3 (RGB)

Minimum Illumination

4Lux (0.1 Lux with Slow Shutter)

Built-In Microphone

One-point Stereo Type Directive Switchable (3 position)



Video Output

Yes (In/Out)

Audio Output

Yes (In/Out)

DV Input/Output

Yes (In/Out)

External Microphone Input

Stereo Mini Jack

Headphone Output

Stereo Mini Jack

LANC Terminal

Mini- Jack

Power Supply

AC-V615 + DK715 (AC Adaptor)
NP-F930 (Lithium Ion Battery)


bulletPower Consumption: 11.6W
bulletDimensions(W x H x D): 216 x 225 x 470mm
bulletWeight: 3.4kg

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